Update Plugins - Visual Composer and Revolution Slider

If you want to install the latest version available for these two plugins, just follow the steps below.

Make sure you backup you site before.

1. Open the file /wp-content/themes/themename/functions.php and search for some code similar to this one:

 (you can use any text editor, or just go to Appearance => Editor => functions.php)

            'name'      => esc_html__( 'Visual Composer', 'humanitas' ),
            'source'    => esc_url( 'http://futurethemes.net/themes/assets/plugins/humanitas/js_composer.zip' ),
            'slug'      => 'visual-composer',
            'required'  => false,
            'version'   => '5.0.1',
            'name'      => esc_html__( 'Revolution Slider', 'humanitas' ),
            'source'    => esc_url( 'http://futurethemes.net/themes/assets/plugins/humanitas/revslider.zip' ),
            'slug'      => 'revolution-slider',
            'required'  => false,
            'version'   => '5.3.1',

2. You only have to change the version number and save the file. At this moment the ones listed above are the latest versions.

3. After reloading the page, a message will appear that says you need to update those plugins. Click Update plugins.

IMPORTANT: Visual Composer must be DISABLED before starting the update.

4. Now you can activate the Visual Composer and if you see same strange paddings in design, just go to Visual Composer => Design Options and select  Elements bottom margin - 0, Grid gutter width - 15px.

You may also need to re-activate the Visual Composer for custom post types ( Visual Composer => Role Manager)