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  • paul started the conversation

    How do I remove the tag widget from the footer?

  • paul replied


    Its been 4 days now, can I please get a response to this?

    Thank You

  • paul replied

    It is now 8 days and I still have not had a reply from you. Please respond.

  • choosecouragefoundation replied

    I am not sure how to completely delete it but I know you can change the options to 0.5 and it will be blank. You can go to customize/footer options/tags. Then take out the title and then change the next field to 0.5. Don't change to zero or it will just populate all of the tags. Good luck. 

  • paul replied

    Nice to finally hear from you after waiting 15 days for your reply and your reply does not help in anyway. I also have several other tickets open that you have not replied to. I will be requesting a refund for the cost of this theme.

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    Future replied

    Please see the response on this ticket - https://futurethemes.ticksy.com/ticket/1239176